District Bar Association, Sargodha

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Struggles For High Court Bench In Sargodha

Struggle for Lahore High court bench in Sargodha is covered by English and Urdu newspaper at local and national level. Along with this FM radio stations and TV channels also cover this story.
Sargodha Division came into being in 1960 comprising Sargodha, Mianwali, Jhang and Faisalabad Districts. Since its very creations dire need for setting up High Court Bench at Sargodha was felt and the proposal is still on anvils. In 1985, Faisalabad and Jhang District were disintegrated as Faisalabad was declared a separate Division. There after Sargodha Division Comprised of Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali and Bhakkar districts. The demand for the bench remained on the ground. The population of the Division increased manifold increasing problems proportionality . One of the major problem being that the people of remote areas went under aqute difficulties and inconvenience  to persue their cases in the High Court at Lahore both in view of the financial difficulties as well as long distance between their abode and Lahore. The pressure for The bench increased on behalf of the litigants and the advocates. In view to get the demand expiated, a meeting of the District Bar Association Sargodha was held on 12th April 2004 there in Resolution was passed for taking effective steps for setting of a High Court Bench at Sargodha. As such concerned authorities were moved including a letter dated 20th April 2004 to the then president of Pakistan. This exercise too could not bring fruit to and the case kept on hanging fire. Efforts thereafter continued but to no effect.
The pressure of the public especially litigants and the advocates increased for the bench and on 7th  July 2010 an emergent  meeting of the district bar association Sargodha was held under the chairmanship of its president, Malik Saleem Akhtar Katchela. Advocate associated with Mohsan Raza Shah Sherazi. Advocate, Secretary of association, to consider the ways and means for getting the demand accepted by the government and other concerned quarters. Resultantly a letter dated 9th July 2010 was dispatched to the chief justice, Lahore High Court in the matter through fax informing that district bar association Sargodha shell go on strike with effect from 8th July 2010 and that it shall not be called off till Punjab government recommended the demand and sends a summary to the Chief Justice. At the same time similar letters were sent to the Prime Minister, Federal Law Secretary, Provincial Law Minister, President of Pakistan, the Chief Justice Supreme Court, Registrar High Court.   The strike of the advocates started on the fix date.
On 11th July 2010 a Press Release was issued to the effect that is divisional convention was going to be held in which the public from all walks of life shall participate. The convention held on 12th July 2010 in which all the district and Tehsil Bar Associations were present decide Punjab Medical Association, Trade Union, Labour Union,  representative of the Press And Journalist, Apca, Students Unions, Representatives of all the Political P arties, all Ex-Nazims and Naib nazims, Counselors, Lady Counselors N.G.Os, representatives of crusher Unions and a great numbers of public at large.
The Divisional convention unanimously passed a resolution in support of a bench of High Court at Sargodha.
The DBA Sargodha held meetings with the governor of Punjab, Chief Justices of Lahore High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan to elucidate the demand for the bench.
On 21st  July 2010, the Chief Minister, Punjab Toured Sargodha an held a meeting with the representatives of the DBA in the Circuit House and assured his full cooperation in the matter adding that he had already forwarded a summary for the bench to the Chief justice Lahore High court. He read out the contents of the said summary to the participants of the meeting and requested for calling off the strike. The strike was called off on the sound assurance of the Chief Minister.
On 20th July 2010 the Senior Minister of Punjab Government Forwarding a copy of the summary to the DBA Sargodha showing that the summary shall be sent to the Chief Justice Lahore after the cabinet approves it.
The matter is still pending with the Punjab government we hope that this long standing genuine issue shall be resolved soon in favour of the public.